January 12, 2009

Friday Night Date Night

Friday is our Date Night!  We usually just watch the Jazz game, or a movie, play games, or go out for dinner or ice cream.  But every once in a while we get really creative.  This past Friday was one of those times.  We went to a few different and new cafes to try their hot chocolate.  I had read a review on a few of these places and so we decided to go see if it really was as good as the reviewer said it was. 

First stop was at Elizabeth’s Bakery & Tea Shop.  It was such a cute little shop.  They had tons of tea pots all decorating the place.  We order a cup of hot chocolate and a cinnamon crumb cake.  The hot chocolate came out piping hot.  It was really good and felt complete with homemade whipped cream.  It also came with a small Swiss chocolate on the side – that was YUMMY!  I love Swiss Chocolate!


Our review – overall the atmosphere was amazing, such a fun place to sit and chat.  The hot chocolate was good, but not the best I’ve ever had (that spot is still held by the hot chocolate you get in the Biliago Hotel in Vegas).  The crumb cake was not very good.  I don’t really like cinnamon so I didn’t really enjoy it, but Dustin didn’t really like it either.  I think it would be better had we been there first thing in the morning instead of an hour before closing.  We will definitely be going back though.


Second stop, Caffe Niche.  This place was very … artsy! We loved it.  We ordered two cups of hot chocolate and were seated near the live band.  Well, just a couple of guys playing music.  It was such a fun place to go.  We don’t have any places like this in our neighborhood, that is why we drive 40 minutes away. 


This cafe had really reasonable prices and was such a cute atmosphere.  However, our hot chocolate was served cold.  But not ice cold, (I’ve had frozen hot chocolate before and that is good) but it was cold like they heated it up for 30 seconds in the microwave.  The taste was fantastic, but the temperature was lacking.  However, when we were there, the table next to us was served their dinner, and it looked amazing!  I think we will definitely be going back for dinner some time soon.


  Overall, it was a fun date night just spent with my hubby!


Isn’t he handsome!?

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  1. Okat so now you know my routine. As soon as I get home from work I am on the computer. Matts job is here by my computer so I have been blogging or looking at other blogs more than ever!

    Anyways, you posting how fun your date was made me wish we could have gone even more. We ended up seeing a not so very good movie with Matt's parents.

    I hope we plan on going soon with you guys! If not that than scrap booking and cake..or something like that...