January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Cutest Niece Ever!

Happy Birthday to our darling niece, Anna!  She turns 2 today!


To celebrate her birthday, Dustin and I took her out to Build-A-Bear.   She had so much fun.  She didn’t really care too much about picking out which stuffed animal she wanted, but she loved to push all the buttons at the station with the different sounds you can add to the bears. 

So, Dustin and I decided for her.  A bunny!


After filling the bunny with stuffing, we added three hearts to the bunny (one for each of us.  This bunny should never die with the reserve of hearts she has). 

We then went to the bathing station where it pumps out air and you can brush the animal to give it a bath. 



She was a little weary of this idea at first but then when she figured out that it was okay, she loved it!

Here is proof!  We did this for about 20 minutes.

We then headed over to make a birth certificate for the bunny and give her a name.  We named her Roxy (not after the stray kitty we adopted but just because Anna can say that name very well).  Anna got to push all the buttons and help make the birth certificate.   She loved it!


After picking up the birth certificate, they gave us a few bows for the Roxy’s ears and a cardboard house to take her home in.  This was Anna absolute favorite part.  The whole ride home she just kept playing with the box and saying “house”. 

After Build-A-Bear, we stopped to get frozen yogurt, took lots of pictures, and then headed home on a sugar high.  We had so much fun celebrating Anna’s Birthday (a day early) and can’t wait for her party.


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  1. wow! I told you, the perfect girlfriend for my Dallin. Does that mean she is a day older than him? How cool is that!
    Dallin turns two tomorrow January 23rd...
    Cute video and I love her sweet smile!