January 7, 2009

Sophie’s Toys

Every night before bed, we have to put all of the “noisy toys” in the junk drawer in the kitchen so Sophie doesn’t keep us up when she plays with them at 3 in the morning.  She has these birds that chirp and they are really annoying but she loves them.  Loves them so much, she has killed about four of them.  We keep having to buy replacement birds.

Yes, Grandma Connie, she loves the new toys you gave her for Christmas, and Yes, they are super noisy.  She also loves the noisy toys you gave her last year for Christmas.  I’m beginning to sense a pattern here.  Please, can you give her quiet toys?

It is so hard to say “no” to this face.



  1. Love your new blog, Cami! And get used to the grandparents giving noisy toys - that's what they do best! Payback, I think!

  2. Yeah! I'm now an official reader to your blog. Cute Banner by the way!

  3. Yea cute girl! Another fun place to visit (and get inspired)!! love your photos. Especially your header that was always one of my favoritist's. Love you!