February 18, 2009

Our Valentine’s Day Celebration


In order to save some money this year, we teamed up with our friends to celebrate Valentine’s day on the cheap.  We spent the weekend at our friends cabin in Heber (about 1 1/2 hours from our home).  It was so beautiful and peaceful in the mountains. 

We got to the cabin really late on Friday night and just went to sleep.  The next morning, Dustin got up before me and I could hear him making some noise downstairs.  I just figured he was getting breakfast ready.  So I jumped up and was getting into the shower when he came to the door.

Dustin - “Cami, are you up?”

Me- “Yes, I’m getting in the shower.”

Dustin - “I made a huge mess and I need you to come help me clean it up before the Sosa’s wake up”. (that is our friends)

Me - “Okay.”

I walk out of the bedroom to find conversation hearts candies on the floor.  He had made a trial through the house with conversation hearts.  Every so often there was a slip of paper that he had written a thing that he loves about me.


Now is the time where you saw “Awe!'”.  I know, I’m so lucky and very spoiled!


I don’t know how many bags of conversation hearts he used, but it took me a good thirty minutes to pick them all up.  They were everywhere!  In the end, he had left a few for me to eat since he knows I don’t agree in the 10 second rule, let alone the thirty minute rule.


After I picked up all the hearts, I made heart shaped muffins for breakfast.  The didn’t really turn out so well, and I am blaming it on the altitude. 

Later that afternoon, we took the snowmobiles out for a ride.  Wow, now that was fun!  I have only been a few times in my life and never enjoyed it but this time was different.  It was so beautiful and it was snowing!  We played until we were soaked and cold then headed back to start dinner.


The guys made dinner for the girls and it was fantastic!  Better than a restaurant!  They had bought valentines and spread them all over the table.  So super cute.  They both did such a great job and it was really nice to have them cook for us. 

We had such a fantastic weekend and it was all done with very little expense – so bonus!  It was great to spend time with our good friends before we move since they decided they didn’t want to move with us.  I don’t know why?

*Please excuse the quality of the pictures.  I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone.  They are just not the same but at least it is something.


  1. Ah! Sounds like soooo much fun . . . where did you get that romantic guy (wink). Great news about the kitty!


  2. Awww so cute! I think that Dustin needs to have a talk with my hubby and give him some ideas ;) Take care!!!

  3. What a lucky girl you are!! You deserve the best, Cami and it sounds like you found it!! N. Carolina huh! Wow! That's exciting. Moving out here to Missouri was incredible hard at first, but now I can't imagine us anywhere else. Give it a little while and it'll really feel like home. It looks like your trip takes you right thought St. Louis!! If you need a place to stay or just want some INCREDIBLE italian food (the food on "the Hill" is to die for...) let me know!! GOod luck.

  4. What a wonderful V-day. You deserve the best! Glad you 2 found each other. :)