February 27, 2009

Things To Do Before We Move

Spend time with family (both sides) – Check.

Spend time with friends (we went to this movie and spent time playing games) – Check!

Go to a Jazz game – Check!  Jazz won, of course!

Eat at Red Rock (They have the best root beer and onion rings E.V.E.R!) – Check!


Red Rock Rootbeer

Play a good game of Pinochle  -  Check!


Visit my favorite fabric store – Check! (I couldn’t help my self!  I'm planning to make an hourglass quilt with these.)


Visit Dustin’s favorite book store – Check!

Go to an IMAX movie (3D Ocean Adventure)– Check!

Wearing 3-D Glasses that are giant sized over real glasses doesn’t work so well.

Eat at Thanksgiving Point, Hall of Fame Grill – Check!

I think we might have a slight love affair with onion rings!  But really, it is just a minor one so no need to worry.

Eat at the restaurant where it all began – Check!

We ate at the Olive Garden the night we got engaged.  Four years later, we are beginning the next big journey in our lives and believe it or not, we sat in the exact same booth!

Spend time with the kitties – Check!  (Don’t worry, they are coming with us).

Our bucket list is complete!  We can now move on to North Carolina.  Good thing, because Dustin left today to drive to NC. I miss him terribly already.


  1. Oh my, such a long drive...When will you be going?

  2. oh, so sweet and sad . . . I'm gonna miss you guys so much! This is a darling post, I nominate it for one of the best posts ever!



    I love the gran' kitties:)

  3. Cami! We need to hang out.. I washed my phone so send me a message or call me on Eli's cell at 801-357=-545

  4. Cute post! I can't wait to see photos from your new home. My family went to NC w/out me and I wish I'd gone. Love your kitties and just how much you love Dustin.


  5. Well, if it isn't Cami!! I don't know how you found us, but it was great to hear from you. Been looking at your blog...you two look great and HAPPY!! It's been...5-6 years, maybe, since I saw you last...it's great to see that your doing well! That was a very nice tribute to Keith...He certainly was ALWAYS a good man to all he met.
    We wish you the best in your big move...this will be an exciting time for you. We have been in Mississippi for three years and love the south (minus the scorching summers, mosquitos, and ticks!!) I see that you plan on missing the mountains - our bones often ache to be back on "my" mountain tops of Utah...We have learned to love the little things in the forests of the south...turtles, wood ducks, armadillos, fire fly's, mistle toe in all the trees, 75 degree February days, and the most beautiful flowers that grow wild in trees, bushes, and along roadsides. I've loved the south...I guess North Carolina is in "the south?" Anyway, we wish you two the best and know you'll love the adventure. Please let us know how it goes. I'd have emailed this whole bit, but don't have a clue how to get you other that this. Please tell your mother hello for me and again, best wishes on the cross country journey!!