March 8, 2009

Dustin and Cami Officially Live in North Carolina

After several days of diligently searching, I (Dustin) found an apartment in North Carolina. Cami is still in Utah, but her home (and mine) is here in Raleigh! Our unit is on the third floor, 37 steps from the ground level so moving in will be a blast! We wanted a top unit so that we can enjoy the peace and quiet of not having anyone or anything above us. We also have a great view from the bay windows where I've set up my office. It's a nice home with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large porch to spend warm evenings eating dinner and playing games. Cami can't wait to come out here and soak in our garden tub! There are several perks that are included with living inthese apartments such as the great location, nearby shopping, an onsite pool for hot summer days, and a 24 hour fitness center in the clubhouse. The best part of living here is opening all the windows on a clear day in March and letting the warm southern breeze flow through our home. (Utah folks: I slept with the windows open on March 7th, it was fantastic!)

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