March 5, 2009

Dustin Reporting In From North Carolina

Several weeks ago, I convinced Cami to create a family blog by promising to contribute to it. She always does such a good job that I am hesitant to blemish her work by adding my own content. However, now that we are apart, if I don't publish what's going on, you won't know about it because I'm in North Carolina and Cami is in Utah.

One of the things I was most looking forward to with this move is the warm North Carolina weather. Unfortunately, I brought the Utah snow across the country with me and everything was covered in snow when I got here. On the bright side, it's supposed to be in the seventies for the next several days so I'm sure the snow will disappear and and I will be able to hit the pool.

I've been spending the past several days looking for an apartment or townhouse. I've found several great units close to where I'll be working in northeast Raleigh. I'll be making a decision tomorrow and moving in this weekend. I'll keep you posting on what I end up getting. I'm looking forward to wrapping things up and getting a little rest before I begin working on Monday.

My trip across the country was a lot of fun. My brother Cory agreed to go with me which made the trip a lot better. We stayed in some nice hotels and traveled through some cool cities. At the same time, I'm really exhausted and have had only one homecooked meal for a week thanks to Cami's aunt Judy in Charlotte.

I want to thank everyone who helped Cami move last Saturday. She told me lots of people came out to give her a hand. Thanks also to all my friends who gave me some great treats and snacks to take on the road, they were fantastic. I hope all is well back in Utah, I'll continue to keep you posted on happenings in NC.


  1. Yay! My husband posted! I'm so glad he is doing well in NC because I miss him terribly!

  2. Yay! It was so nice to hear from Dustin on what's going on from his point of veiw. Good luck with the decision.