March 16, 2009

Dustin's Trip to the North Carolina Museum of History and Museum of Natural Sciences

Last Saturday, I took a trip to two museums. One was the NC museum of history and the other the NC museum of natural sciences. The first one had some fascinating artifacts and information on Native Americans who have lived in North Carolina for thousands of years. A lot of the stories and artifacts were right out of the pages of the Book of Mormon! I thought that was really neat. I also liked the full size replica of the Wright Brother's original airplane that was suspended from the ceiling. In fact, the Wright Brothers built and flew the first heavier than air plane on the beaches of North Carolina! If Cami had been there, she would have liked to see all the antique quilts from the 1930's that were on display at the museum of history.

Later, I went to the museum of natural sciences. I got lucky because there was a special display that day that featured lots of live animals like snakes, frogs, and a sea turtle. Cami would be so jealous! (Not so much of the snakes, but definitely jealous of the sea turtle.) There were some really neat animals to look at and a lot of other permanent displays that illustrated lots of interesting things about North Carolina from soil, minerals, bugs, trees, and lots of other fun stuff.

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