March 31, 2009

Exploring North Carolina

I have had several fantastic adventures since moving to North Carolina. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera to take photos of all the neat places I visit. When you consider that a picture is worth a thousand words, I'd have to fill several thousands of lines of this blog to tell you all the details about what I've experienced. That would take a long time for you to read and an even longer time for me to write so I'll just give you a trailer.

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to the inner banks. This is the part of the state where the rivers begin to flow into the ocean. My first stop was Washington, a small town established in 1776 and the first city in the world named after our first president. I ate at a fantastic lunch on main street where they serve a club sandwhich completely loaded with turkey, ham, roast beef, and veggies stuffed between three slices of bread, served alongside a generous serving of hot, fresh potato chips. Before leaving town, I walked along the town boardwalk that offers great views of the Pamilco river and local docks.

After visiting Washington, I stopped in Bath, the first town incorporated in the Territory of North Carolina, established way back in 1704. I visited several historic sites in Bath including the oldest operating church in North Carolina. St. Thomas Episcopal church was built in 1734 and has held weekly services up to this very day. As a matter of fact, a wedding was in process at this small brick building the day I arrived. In three hundred years, Bath remains much the same as it was when it was established with the three hundred or so residents living in historic homes that line only a few short streets.

Later that day, I took a walk through Goose Creek State Park along the banks of the Pamilco Sound. The trail included a long stretch of boardwalk that wound through a section of wetlands. Afterwards, I weaved through the forest on a small trail that lead me to the beach. I walked along the beach for a while as the sun was setting before heading back into the forest, across the boardwalk, and back to my car.

Later in the week, I spent an evening exploring nearby Durham. I stopped at Tyler's Restaraunt across the street from the Durham Bulls baseball field on a rainy evening. I ordered an enormous hamburder along with their original garlic fries. They were outstanding! Afterwards, I explored ninth street near Duke University. which is lined with small shops and restaraunts filled with local students. I stopped into an independent bookstore and listed to performances from a live female vocalist and a pianist. Later, I browsed through the shops and restaraunts that filled the rest of the street.

The next weekend, I took a trip to Greensboro, the third largest city in North Carolina behind Charlotte and Raleigh. I started the morning off by going to a local market and browsing through the handmade crafts, homemade food, and organic meats and vegetables. I made friends with a few of the local vendors, bought a delicious cinnamon roll, and found some earings for Cami. Afterwards, I stopped downtown at a Cafe Europa for a salad and some grilled salmon. I'm definately going back there on my next trip to Greensboro. Later in the day I browsed through an independent bookstore on Elm street downtown and an art museum at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Before heading home I got a slice of white chocolate-rasberry cheesecake at Cheesecakes by Alex. I was in heaven for the entire (but very brief) duration of that dessert!

If the weather hold up, this weekend I plan on going to the Blue Ridge Mountains on the West side of the state or maybe the beaches of Rodanthe on the East side of the state. If the weather is gloomy, perhaps I'll visit Charlotte and see what the Queen City has to offer. If you are thinking of visiting North Carolina, you can be confident you will have a great time! There is a little bit of everything here for anybody. Keep coming back for more updates!

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  1. Dustin - miss you soooo much! thanks for sharing all these wonderful adventures! Can't wait to come see sometime:)

    ((hugs across the miles))