March 14, 2009

Neat Places In North Carolina

I (Dustin) went to some great places in North Carolina Friday night. Alas, I had no one to share these experiences with at the time, so I'll share them with all of you now! The first place I went was the North Carolina Museum of Art. They have a magnificent collection of art with pieces from all over the world like Europe and Africa as well as from several different time periods dating back as far as ancient Greece. These are some of the works that I was most impressed by while I was there:

This painting is an original by Claude Monet and is part of their permanent collection.

This sculpture titled female saint is over 500 years old and was intricately carved out of a single piece of Linden wood by Tilmann Riemenschneider, a German.

This impressive bust of Marcus Aurelius was chiseled from marble back in the 2nd Century. It seem like the nose is always the first thing to go.

After touring the Museum, I headed for a cool little place called Brightleaf Square in nearby Durham. Durham used to be a large producer of tobacco and Brightleaf Square is made out of two enormous tobacco warehouses that have been transformed into original restaurants and shops.

I stopped in a small bookstore that sold rare and antique books. The woman at the counter was old enough to be my grandmother and couldn't stop talking about the UNC Duke game last week. People in this area are nuts for college athletics. I also stopped at the Amelia Cafe which is breathtaking. The interior is supported by old wood beams and pillars. The walls are composed of worn red brick, and the shelves are lined with some of the most unbelievable cakes you can imagine! Since it was just me, I skipped the cake and ended up with a fantastic crepe filled with Nutella! This little cafe also makes beautiful tarts, cookies, and pastries. Here's a sample of their chocolate mousse with berries:

I had a great time, but it's not the same when you don't have someone to share it with. I can't wait until Cami gets out here so we can visit places like this together!


  1. The chocolate mousse looks heavenly - we may have to figure out how to do that one!


  2. It looks like you've found some great places. I can hardly wait for vacation to come and see for myself.