April 19, 2009

Our Cross Country Journey

We left Utah at 6:00 am and headed for the open road. Our truck was packed, the cats were drugged (which later turned out to be a mistake) and we were excited.

We drove up through Wyoming, and it was raining and snowing the whole way. Good thing Dustin decided to tell me about the leak in the roof of the truck AFTER we got to Raleigh, or I would have been worried the entire trip. We made it all the way across Wyoming and into Nebraska the first day. I loved Nebraska! So many adorable farms, and cute red barns everywhere.

The next day we arrived in Missouri. It was still raining. We saw the arch but didn't get to stop, you know two cats and all. But the cats were excited to see it.

We got to see the Mississippi River. Guess what, it was still raining. It is such a shame because I am sure it is breathtaking to see the Mississippi River on a beautiful summer day, but that just wasn't our luck. Maybe next time. There were a few good sunsets along the way. I enjoyed all of them, but this one was my favorite.
But my absolute favorite part of the trip... KENTUCKY! Who knew? It is absolutely gorgeous there. I almost said "lets just stop here and live in Kentucky the rest of our lives" but I kept driving. Everyone should see this state. I want to see more of it. Hopefully, we will return there one day to visit more. It was just stunning, and... it was still raining.

The next day we passed through Virgina, the state with a whole lot of toll roads. Lots of toll roads with adorable little towns along the way. For a while I almost thought I was in Switzerland. Also, it was still raining.

Then, what seemed like forever, we finally saw the sign we had been waiting for. NORTH CAROLINA! We made it!

This was the longest road trip I have ever taken in my life but so worth it. I wish we would have been able to stop more and see more things but we were clearly on a mission. So far, North Carolina does not disappoint.

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