April 25, 2009

The Crystal Coast

Last weekend (yep, just a little late in posting this) we took a mini-trip to the Crystal Cost (NC Southern Outer Banks)... or the Beach!! We live close enough that we can take a day trip and go to the beach! (Tons of excitement here if you can't tell!)

Our fist stop was this adorable little town of Beaufort, NC (the third oldest town in NC) where we visited the North Carolina Maritime Museum. It was a small museum (but worth visiting) all about boats. They even had some stuff off the blackbeard's pirate ship they found about ten years ago. After the museum, we walked the streets just checking out the shops and restaurants and antique shops. This town was settled in 1722 and has cutest restored homes and churches, just adorable. From Beaufort, you can take a ferry that takes you to a smaller island that is full of wild horses. We didn't go but maybe next time.

Next, we visited Morehead City which is famous for its fantastic seafood restaurants. We ate at the Sanitary Fish Market, this sign was hanging in the lobby as you entered. The food was ok, but definitely not worth going to twice. Maybe I'm just disappointed because we ordered onion rings and they were nothing like the kind we used to get in Utah. Don't worry, we are still on the hunt for the best onion rings in NC.

After we explored a bit of Morehead City, we went to Atlantic Beach where we finally got to see the ocean! We took off our sandles and walked the beach... It was a perfect day with perfect weather. The beach is full of seashells so we gathered a few before heading off to explore more.

Just a side note - all of the cities in NC have water towers. Seriously. I've never seen one before, except for in the movies, but they are every where here and I love them.Our final destination of the day was Swansboro, a very small community. Downtown Swansboro is about four blocks by four blocks. It was a quick stop, since there wasn't much to see, but we did find this great pier. And next to the pier...
was this adorable geese family. How cute are these? It was a wonderful day trip with so much to experience. We will definitely be going back and hopefully soon.


  1. The ocean is so beautiful there - I'm so jealous! I'm glad you guys are able to get out and explore - what a fun adventure!

  2. Fun! We're coming out to the Outer Banks this summer for a week. Maybe we will get to see you guys! :)

  3. Oh! Now I am totally jealous! It looks wonderful. Another rainy day here in Utah. Took some cute engagement photos of Karianne and Greg today. I'm posting a few on my blog here, you'll love it!


  4. Oh it looks like it's so beautiful in North Carolina! Those geese and their chicks are so cute too! Also we got a kick out of that drunk sign! I'm so glad you are finally together with your husband again! I couldn't imagine having to be away from my husband for very long.