May 7, 2009


To my super smart husband who passed the Series 7 Exam with flying colors! I'm super proud of him! He has been studying so hard for 2 months and is finally done with his exam and studying (for the most part). His whole job was dependent upon him passing this test, which means, we get to stay in North Carolina! Now the fun part of his job begins!

We went to this adorable Italian cafe to celebrate! We sat and watched the rain storm from the tornado that was somewhere about 20 miles away (scary for us Utah folks - we don't have tornadoes in Utah, well, except for that one). I really enjoyed this restaurant, whereas Dustin didn't really like it. I have come to the conclusion that he just doesn't really like Italian food, since 9 times out of 10 he doesn't enjoy it when we go out for Italian. Next time, I'll let him choose.


  1. yay! Congratulations! I'm so glad you called to tell us, it was wonderful to talk to you. WE miss you both tons, and the kitties. Still haven't been down to clean my guest room :) But I better get going cause Karianne is moving into it in June. She is moving back home for a while - yay!

    Love you all!


  2. hello cami! i somehow found your blog (the crafty one) from another blog and see that you have moved to raleigh! i live in raleigh too. i'm loving seeing what you think of this fair city. 518 west is one of my favorite restaurants. my parents eat there every sunday for brunch.

  3. Yes, congratulations to your super smart husband! And to you for helping him to get there too. Enjoy!

  4. Congrats Dustin, I am so happy that you have passed and you have found your dream job!