May 17, 2009

Date Night

For our Friday Night - Date Night we decided to go out to a movie and dinner. You know, just keep it simple. We decided to try the Village Draft House. And guess what!? They have onion rings! So obviously we had to get an order. They come with a side of ranch. I had never thought to eat ranch with my onion rings but it was T.A.S.T.Y! The onion rings however, we not so good. They were ok, don't get me wrong, just not up to my expectations of good onion rings. I'd give them a 6 out of a 10. So we are still on the hunt for the best onion rings in NC (the best ones that you get at a restaurant because obviously the best are the homemade ones that Dustin makes).
After our dinner, we were too full to go sit at a movie theater, so we went to the Cafe Carolina & Bakery for dessert. Cupcakes to be exact! It was a wonderful evening spent with my favorite person and eating my favorite foods. Does life get any better?

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