May 23, 2009

Dear Mamaw

Dear Grandma,

I have been waiting by the phone for you to call. Did you forget that we moved far away? We still need loves ... and treats. When are you going to call? I talk to Anna on the phone. She is really good at saying Meow. Are you going to come visit us? Mom left for the week (she is always working) and forgot to move my catnip plant. Let's just say that it didn't survive with all that sun and no water. Can you tell her to get me a new one and to not kill it this time?



PS. Some of us are done waiting and are now just pretending to not care. You should call quickly before he starts to pick on me for a change.


  1. Really, Mamaw, get with the program! Those kitty babies need treats! Dimitri just needs some Mamaw time.

    Sophie, Mamaw told me your mom was on Flickr. Tell her to send me a note how to find her.

  2. Sophie baby - we miss you! Did you forget how to push the speed dial for our number? Remember how we practiced that trick every day for weeks when your mama wasn't looking :)

    Don't let that Dimitri hog the cell phone, you keep right on it . . .


  3. Princess Sophie,

    Mamaw loves you so much, you know I'd never forget you. Treats are in the mail, but you must remember to share with your sweet brother, Dimitri. I've also sent a text to you Mommy telling her about the cap nip. I'm sure she'll have you a new one right away. Be a good girl and don't use up all your Mama's minutes.