June 24, 2009

Dimitri's Story

Normally, we are a family that follows the rules to a "T". Dimitri was our exception. Right after we got married in 2005, we decided we wanted to get a cat. Dustin was working crazy hours and I was lonely at night. So we decided to get a kitty to keep me company. We called our landlord everyday for one month (and I am not kidding, every single day!) to try and ask her if it would be okay if we got a pet. She never answered our calls, nor did she call us back. We decided to get a cat without her approval, since she obviously didn't care enough to even call us back. We started out by visiting Petsmart. There was a cat there that didn't have a voice box, which we thought would be perfect since we were not sure if we could even have cats. But this cat had long hair and I really wanted a short hair cat.

The next stop was the pound. Talk about a heart breaker. We walked isles and isles of cats in cages looking all of them over. As we were about to leave, a worker asked us if he could help us find a particular cat we were looking for. We gave him the specifics: a quite cat (one that doesn't cry a lot), a younger cat, and short hair. He had the perfect kitty in mind - one that was on death row and would be put to sleep by the end of the week if he was not adopted. And.. he didn't have a voice box so he was super quiet. As we stood at the cage, the cat was very quite and so calm and gentle. We took him into the little room to get to know him. Instantly we were in love! Archimedes. He was going to be the newest member of our family. Okay, so the name didn't fit but we loved him anyway.
On the ride home, he sat patiently in a box and didn't cry at all. We decided right then and there to name him Dimitri. It was a perfect fit. We took him home and let him roam around to get used to the place. After 20 minutes we started to panic because we couldn't find him. After searching and searching for what felt like forever, we found him. He had crawled under our dresser through a small opening and we had to lift it to get him out.
That first night we all climbed into bed so excited to be a family. When all of the sudden, Dimitri clawed at the blankets and started to pull them down. I screamed and pulled them back up over my head and he pulled them down again. I was terrified. I didn't know what was going on. In the meantime, Dustin was on the floor laughing hysterically. Turns out, Dimitri just wanted to play.
The next day everything was fine. The day after that we came home and Dimitri was laying on the bed with death knocking at the door. I have never seen a cat look so sick. We immediately called the vet and took him in for an emergency visit. Turns out he had an upper respiratory infection and would require an $800 stay at the pet hospital. Of course, we paid it and went to the vet daily to check on him. After three days, life started to return to our little kitty and he was ready to come home. The vet had shaved Dimitri's front paws in order to put in an iv. He looked so silly, but so much better.
Through the next four years we had our shares of happy times and sad times. Dimitri always was on the sick side but he always pulled through. Several occasions he had to have b-b's removed (this is from stupid people who think it is okay to shoot stray cats with b-b's. Just so you know, I fully believe that there is a special place in Hell for these people). There were several vet visits from his upper respiratory infection coming back. And just the routine checkups. Oh, and the one time that he decided it would be fun to swallow a bobbin worth of thread. Ya, that was not fun. Or the emergency vet visit from the time he was bit by a black widow.

But the good times outweighed the bad.

Dimitri really is the sweetest cat. He was always there to greet you at the door when you would come home from work (I honestly thought only dogs did this, but I have proof that cats really do care). If if he wasn't feeling well, he would come to greet you. He loved to lay in the sun and watch the birds. He put up with all of Sophie's shenanigans. He never ever cried. He was always there to help us find Sophie when she got stuck in crazy places and couldn't get out. He would let me hold him like a baby and give him endless amounts of kisses on his head. He loved to be brushed as long as he got treats afterward. He had the cutest ears (one of them was all torn to shreds from his previous life) that had the softest fur just behind them. He loved me to rub right behind his ears. He was amazing with kids. If any child came to our house he was always right there to greet them. He wouldn't even care if they pulled his hair or hit him. Just as long as they were there to play with him. He had a lucky white spot in his beautiful brown fur. He had the chubbiest checks and everyone we meet would comment on how handsome he was and what a sweetheart he was.
He hated the camera but would let me take as many photos as I wanted. They were not all good ones but he tolerated it anyway. At night he would sleep at the foot of our bed. He hated to ride in the car and would just sit on your lap and snuggle down until we got to where we were headed. He "kitty approved" all of my crafty project and loved all the blankets that I made just for him. He loved his 7 foot tall scratching post and wouldn't let us sell it when we moved. He was always there to comfort me when I was sick or upset. And was there to protect me when Dustin would try to tickle me. I'd just have to let out a scream and he was right there to defend me.

Best of all he was part of our family. And we loved him. That is what I told him over and over as we said goodbye today. He had a good life and we will miss him terribly. He gave us more than we ever thought a cat could and we wouldn't change a single moment of it.To our Mitri Baby. Our Pumpkin Doodle. Our Bud. We love you and miss you.

February 2006 - June 2009


  1. Didn't get to tell him good bye:( So sorry about Dimitri, he was a wonderful Kitty . . .

    ((big hugs))


  2. So sorry for your loss. What a touching tribute to Dimitri :)

  3. I'm so sorry Cami. It's so difficult to lose a loved one, cats included. He sounded wonderful.

  4. I love you Dimitri. See you in heaven.

  5. Oh Cami, I'm so sorry, my cat Whiskey, would meet me at the door too! She's been gone for three years. My oldest dog is fifteen and I will be miserable the day he has to go...

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry! He sounds like a sweetheart. Big hugs!

  7. I should have known you'd be reading Angels game :) I did pick that one to get started on out of my whole pile. So far I LOVE IT! Reminds me a lot of "Shadow"


  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I am crying and I never even knew him personally, just in your blog. How is Sophie? I bet she is lonesome.

  9. Cami: crying here because you described a lot of feelings I have for our Bella. I don't want "that day" to come. Never.
    People that don't have pets won't ever understand how much you can love one! Sometimes they think is ridiculous to make them part of your family, but I'm glad to read Dimitri was treated with love and as part of your family as well.
    I'm sure he felt that, and now he is your cat forever.