June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dustin!

Happy Birthday to my sweet darling husband ... who is now officially as old as I am! We ended up celebrating his birthday a few days early since we are both working such crazy hours and celebrating on a Tuesday just didn't give us enough time to Party! So, on Saturday, we went to the lake and had a picnic. Even though it was an overcast day we still had fun and enjoyed the weather.

Since I couldn't keep his birthday present a surprise (meaning... I left it in the trunk and he saw it before I could get it wrapped) we decided to open it early. I got him a new ice cream maker, the old fashioned kind with the hand crank. We used it on Sunday when we had some friends over for dinner and it makes yummy yummy ice cream! Happy Birthday to my Dustbunny! I hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. Happy Birthday Dustin!

    Oh and did you cut your hair??

  2. Cami, I love your new hair cut! Tell Dustin happy birthday! Funny that you call him dust bunny - that's what I call Taryn's little boy (his name is Dustin too).

  3. Your mom said you cut your hair...love it, love it! So, what flavor was the ice cream?

  4. Cami! You look darling! What a great gift, sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you all have a really wonderful day:) ((hugs))