July 19, 2009

Meet the Newest Member of Our Family

Meet Lexus, the newest member of the Klein family! Last Saturday, Cami and I were taking a daytrip to Greensboro NC, an hour and a half west of Raleigh. While we were in town, we stopped at Target to get a couple items then wandered next door to Petsmart for fun. A local adoption agency was having a promotion at Petsmart that day and we met Lexus for the first time. Immediately we loved the way she would just lay in your arms when you held her. I was going to be in St. Louis for the following week and we didn't feel like it would be a good time to adopt a new cat so we went home without her. All week long we thought about her and finally decided to pick her up when I got back. So, on Saturday July 18th we drove all the way back to Greensboro and picked her up.

Lexus is a beautiful orange tabby with a white face and white paws, just like her sister Sophie. She has a really sweet personality and loves to follow us around the house. Growing up in a foster home with her three brothers taught her to be very friendly and social. Like most kittens, she is also extremely curious and daring, willing to explore every corner of her new home as soon as she first set paw in the door. She's already learned to climb all the way to the top of the cat tower and back down. She loves attacking string, paper towels, newspaper, and kitty balls. She does not love getting her nails clipped (but it happened anyway). She's learning that climbing up people's legs is not an appropriate way to get into their arms.

Sophie is warming up to Lexus, but they aren't ready to be in the same room together yet. Lexus is used to other cats because she was born and raised in a foster home with other cats who loved to play, but Sophie isn't ready to be friends just yet. She needs a couple more days to get used to the idea of having a kid sister hanging around the house. Once Sophie realizes there is enough food and love for both cats, she'll be happy to be friends with Lexus. Until then, Sophie still sleeps on the bed with us and Lexus sleeps in the bathroom with the door closed. She's not used to sleeping alone so she cries a lot at night. In a couple days, she'll be ready to join us and sleep anywhere she likes.

We are really excited to have Lexus with us and she is excited to have a permanent home. She's definitely a daddy's girl. In fact, she's curled up in my lap purring loudly right now as I finish this post. We are sure to have plenty of tales of excitement and destruction as the week progress so come back for the stories to come!


  1. Look at those long legs! She's a cutey.

  2. She's very pretty. My daughter wants a kitty so much! We'll see. Hey when you're in St. Louis you need to let me know. I'd meet you for lunch anywhere!!!

  3. Sweet Cat. I'll congratulate Mamaw on her other newest grandchild when she comes back to the office!