August 18, 2009

Fast from TV, Movies, and Video Game

Cami and I have both been putting in many long, difficult hours at work and have fallen into the habit of just sitting around at home watching TV or movies, and playing video games during the precious few leisure hours we have together. However, we've begun to feel as though our lives are passing us by in many ways so we have decided to go 30 days without watching TV, movies, or playing video games (this last one is really only for my benefit). Our hope is that we will be able to enjoy some of the things we've gotten away from lately like playing card and board games together, reading, writing, talking, and getting out of the house to see and experience new things.

Our plan has already produced some modest results. For example I'm contributing to "our" blog for the first time in months. Also, we've resumed reading The "Geography of Bliss" together out loud before bed. We had been reading it together when we lived in Utah, but it had been collecting dust for several months until last night. Also, I'm spending more time on my morning gospel study than I was before. We'll keep you up to date on our experience as the weeks go by.

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