August 7, 2009

Karianne & Greg: Wedding Photos

I seriously took way too many photos at Karianne & Greg's wedding. I couldn't help it - they are such an adorable couple! These are some of my favorites that I got. There were so many, it was hard to choose my favorite, so I have several.

The cake was so cute and super yummy!If you are worried that all I did was take photos, don't be. I did manage to get a few photos of me. I had way too much fun with the sparklers!

See more of the wedding photos on my flicker page found here.

I still have a ton of photos to edit. Next up, the Buchanan Family. Be prepared for super cuteness!

Chardell, I'll get these done soon, I promise!


  1. Amazing pics! They look like a professional's pictures!

  2. Thanks for posting pictures! They turned out great. You are an awesome photographer. And they are so cute together!

  3. Cami, I love your photos! Great job with the wedding ones.