August 29, 2009

Saturday: Day Date

We spent the morning exploring North Carolina in hopes of finding a great used book store (similar to our favorite in Utah, Sam Wellers). We started by going to Mr. Mikes Used Books. This shop was very small and mostly stocked with newer, more popular novels. Still a great find, but not what we are searching for.

Next we drove to Durham. Since we moved here, I still have not been to Durham so this was a fun trip. I really want to go back and explore this town some more. Most of the buildings are out of red brick. Super cute!

We stopped by Nice Price Books. This store is slightly larger than the first, but still not quite what we are looking for in our new favorite bookstore.We decided to get something to eat and ended up going to Tyler's Restaurant and Taproom. Hamburgers and homemade garlic fries and chips. Super tasty! (I know most of the food I take pictures of is not necessarily healthy, but I promise I don't eat like this all the time.) This restaurant is in an old Tobacco Building that they converted into retail shops and office suites. They have this amazing courtyard with a waterway that goes the length of the complex. It was so relaxing and beautiful that we ate lunch outside. For dessert, Dustin took me to this bakery that he found before I moved out here. Remember the cupcake he got me? Well, it came from Amelias Cafe in Brightleaf Square. This time I passed on the cupcake (but just barley) and went with the Key Lime Tart and Dustin got the Fruit Tart. Super tasty!
And as an added bonus, there was a small used bookstore in the same shopping center. We decided to add it to the list and check it out. It was filled with mostly older vintage books. They also had lots of vintage ads and postcards from around the globe. Lots to look through, but unfortunately we didn't have much time. We will definitely have to go back to Durham to explore more in the near future.

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