September 6, 2009

Raleigh, NC LDS Temple

Yesterday, we decided to go to the temple. It is about 30 minutes from us and we feel extremely blessed to have a temple so close that we can attend. It is a smaller temple, but it fits the needs of the members here in North Carolina. It is such a beautiful temple and we had such an amazing experience.
After our trip to temple, we stopped at Papa Murphy's (our favorite pizza store in Utah. We were so sad to find out they didn't have one in NC when we moved, but shortly after, I met a guy who was starting up one in Cary). Since it is close to the temple, we stopped by to get some pizza. I was so excited! We came home and devoured it and made a goal to go back more often. Seriously, the best pizza! Seriously!!! Get the Mediterranean Chicken DeLite Pizza if you go, it is divine!


  1. They just put a Papa Murphy's Pizza right next to Kohlers! It is the greatest thing - we've been there like three times in the last month.

    How is my favorite couple East of the Mississippi?

  2. I've never heard of Papa Murphy's. Up here we have Papa John's pizza.