October 18, 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway - Asheville, NC

Last weekend, Dustin and I took a trip the Blue Ridge Parkway, or at least to the part that is located in Asheville, NC. Asheville is about 4 hours from Raleigh, but it was well worth the drive. We decided to take the mini-trip in October because all the leaves are starting to change here and we knew it would be amazing. We were not planning for bad weather, however, and most of our drive was in the fog so we really couldn't see much. There were a few times when the fog would lift just for a few minutes and we were blessed with spectacular views. Most of the trip however, was really foggy. So foggy in fact, that we almost ran over these wild turkeys because they literally came out of nowhere. No worries, they survived! We drove up to Mount Mitchell, which is the highest mountain peak east of the Mississippi. We couldn't see anything! There was so much fog and cloud cover that we could barley see 100 feet a head of us. It worked out okay though, because we were they only people there. So we took pictures from every angle so that we can compare them next time we go. Apparently you can see forever. At least we can claim that we have been to the highest point east of the Mississippi.We drove up to Linville Falls where we hiked up to the falls. It was a really easy hike and very peaceful. We had fun taking lots of pictures (by this time the fog had lifted enough that we could actually see). Linville Falls has the highest volume of any waterfall on the Northern Edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is the river leading up to the falls -- very quiet, but not for long! We played tourist and took way too many photos. But we had fun! We wanted to go visit Chimney Rock but didn't make it because the weather was really not being friendly to us. Maybe next time. Instead we toured downtown Asheville. Super cute! Nothing beats an adorable historic downtown. So much character to the buildings!We even found a few used book stores that were really nice. Maybe even one that we could say is Dustin's newest favorite! The Captains' Bookshelf. Most of their books are rare copies and all of them are in excellent condition. I liked it because it was clean and organized! Nothing bothers me more than having to dig through boxes of old books that smell and ...ugh... don't get me started.We had an amazing trip and we are already planning another adventure to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hopefully next time, the weather will be perfect and the leaves will have all changed colors. Until then, we are happy with the adventure that we had.On our way home, we stopped at Cheesecakes by Alex again (in Greensboro, NC). They have the most delicious red velvet cake E.V.E.R! Seriously, this cake is to die for! Dustin got a creme brulee cheesecake, that was also heaven on earth. This place is seriously the best. A must visit before you die type of place.


  1. Sounds fun. Mt. Mitchell is just a few feet higher than Scipio Summit. Too funny!

  2. Whoa! Absolutely totally awesome photos! (I know I say that about ALL of them, that should really tell you something :)

    The creme brulee cheesecake looks like a 'must have'. Searching for recipes right now . . .


  3. Great photos cami, you are getting so good!

  4. You can really tell how foggy it is in the pics by the signs. It looks like you both made the best of the trip regardless of the weather. Your photos are fantastic!

  5. Anna Girl says "Dustin climbed the mountain with Aunt Mi. That's funny!" and she giggles. She also thinks you eat a lot of cake and now she would like some cake.