November 6, 2009

North Carolina Zoo

Back in October (I'm just getting around to the pictures), Dustin took me to the NC Zoo, which is located in Asheboro. We had an amazing time and the weather was perfect.This zoo is huge, I think it has something like 500 acres! By the end of the day, we had walked the entire zoo, one end to the other, and ended up taking the shuttle back to the parking. I don't think we would have been able to see it all if there wasn't a shuttle.

Dustin's favorite part was the gorillas. The male gorilla (the silver back) weighed over 400 pounds. Can you imagine? That is big!~ I wouldn't want to come across him in the wild.
(this is the girl, she weighed close to 250lbs I think. )

My favorite part was the seals and sea lions. They were just baking in the sun and loving every minute of it. There was one harbor seal that just kept swimming around and around upside down. Pretty funny!
Or maybe the alligators. They were massive! There were signs all around their cage that said "yes, they are alive. They are doing what alligators do best." But I also really liked the flamingos. Did you know that the reason they are so pink is because they eat a lot of shrimp and that is what makes them so pink? Just a random fact that I learned while at the zoo.
Oh, but maybe the best part was the otters. Or maybe it was the lady who was trying to take a picture of them. Her camera wouldn't take the picture fast enough and she was trying to coax them to pose for her!
No, I know, my favorite part was the African animals. Probably most of the 500 acres the zoo has is for the African animals. They had so much space to roam, it was hard to see them, but really neat that they had so much space.
Or maybe it was the soft server ice cream covered in sprinkles. That was probably my favorite part.
Nope, I know. My favorite part about the zoo. Spending the day with Dustin... and maybe the sprinkles on the ice cream ;-)


  1. Anna Girl says the "lion king" picture is her favorite of all the zoo pictures. She also says "more pictures." It's kind of whinny so you'd better do it. ;)


  2. sounds like a blast, the elephants have more room than ours do!