March 30, 2010

Spring is Here...

... and we are back to the blogging world. Phew, what a nice break... and most needed. We did manage to have some fun while we were on a break, lots of adventures to share about, but mostly work is consuming all of our time. We are trying to fix that.

In other news, we have decided to go private with our blog. I know, I can hear all your moans from here, but it is time. I have heard all the arguments on this debate, and I've decided that private is the way to go. No worries, we love to have readers and comments, so we don't want to shut everyone out...just those few creeps we don't know.

If you like to keep reading our blog, send us an email (raverlygirl AT yahoo DOT com)or leave a comment with your email and we'll send you an invite. If you don't want to keep reading, we understand, we will miss you. I will make the change in about two to three weeks. Hopefully that will give everyone a chance to send us your emails.

We love you all and hope you understand our reasons for making the change. See you on the other side.


  1. Hey Cami!

    It's funny because I don't look at your blog as much as I should, and I just so happened to look today, but I still would love an invite to hear about all of your fun adventures!

    angelaliddle (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Have a wonderful, fun day!

  2. I would love to keep reading your blog. So glad that you are back!

  3. Glad you're back. Please include me!

  4. HOpe you put us on your list - I'd miss seeing all your beautiful photos1


  5. Hi Cami. I'd love an invite! Also I was sad to hear that you may not make it to our 10 year. Try and come, but if not you will be missed. And trust me I know that the visits back to Utah can be few and far between when you live this far out!! Hope all is well. Take care.
    Angeline (

  6. how about me.

  7. Dude. Invite please.
    - you got the right stuff baby, uh huh.

  8. I love reading all your fun adventures. please, add me.
    (Stefanie Christensen)