April 18, 2010

Almost A Family Reunion

During the first week of April, Dustin's parents and Karianne & Greg were able to come stay with us for the week. It was so much fun to have visitors and to get to see family. We were talking and decided that we really needed to have a family reunion since everyone is so spread out. Then we realized that we had 6 out of the 9 family members present so we were almost there. Maybe next time everyone will be able to make it.

I spent the week sick, and working, so I didn't get to go do all the fun stuff with them like Dustin did, but nonetheless, everyone had fun with out me.

Dustin took them to Duke to see the Chapel and visit the gardens and get dessert at one of our favorite bakery shops. (I swiped this photo from Karianne)On Thursday they took off and spent the whole day at the beach. I heard it was lots of fun - you know, building sand castles, playing in the waves, flying kites, and having a picnic - but for more details, you'll have to ask Dustin. (Another stolen photo, Thanks Karianne!)We took them to the Cameron Bar & Grill, another one of our favorite restaurants. We've been here a few times and really like it, mostly because they have Thomas Kemper Rootbeer and fantastic onion rings.It turned out to be a great week. Lots of fun, games, and time spent with family.

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