April 20, 2010

Day Trip - Washington, Bath, and New Bern

This past weekend it was gorgeous weather. Beautiful weather! So perfect that we decided to go on a day trip to explore some of the small towns near the coast. Our first stop ... Washington, NC. English explorers came here in 1585, but the town was officially established in the 1770's as Forks of the Tar (Ugh, what a name, right?) It was renamed in 1776 and became the first town in the nation to be named after General George Washington, although during his life, Washington never visited the town.
Our first order of business was to get food, because we love food! We ate at this cute restaurant called Down On Main Street - conveniently located on Main Street. We got homemade chips and a hamburger (I know you are all shocked at our menu selection) which were tasty.We walked then took a walk through downtown and visited all the cute shops. What great old buildings this town has. Amazing! Sadly some of them were in serious need of repair. We also took a stroll down the boardwalk. Look at these adorable boats!Next, we drove to Bath, NC. French protestants from Virginia decided in 1705 to make Bath their permanent home. Only three years after becoming NC first town, Bath could boast fifty people and twelve houses. Can you imagine? The colony's first shipyard and gristmill were established here as well as the first public library, all 1,050 books worth. In 1734 the oldest existing church in the state was built here. Isn't it just adorable? Super tiny, and it has been upfitted with modern stuff like electricity but still retains it's historic charm.Our next stop was New Bern. In order to get there, we had to take a ferry (or drive the long way around). I've never in my life before taken my car on a ferry! Ferry's are cool! It was kinda freaky to be sitting in your car as it slowly makes it's way across water. Our poor GPS was freaking out, it couldn't find any roads! New Bern is NC second oldest town. A Swiss baron settled this town in 1710 and named it after his home in Switzerland. Just like the Swiss town, New Bern's symbol is the black bear and is found though out the town. I asked Dustin to pose by one of the bears for a picture. I told him to hug the bear or smile or something and he said "I'm doing what the bear is doing."New Bern is where Pepsi was born. We stopped in the store where Pepsi was first made and we even sampled a bit. The Pepsi here tasted a lot better than the kind I've had (I'm a coke girl all the way!) The old drug store has been turned into this adorable Pepsi shop.Then it was time to head home, and it was also dinner time. We decided to stop in Goldsboro at a BBQ Restaurant called Wilber's Barbecue because 1) it was rated really well in our travel book 2) past Presidents have eaten there 3) every one says we need to try Barbecue to be southern. I'm sorry to report that this place was a total flop in our books. I'm not sure why, but it was just not to our tastes. The vinegar taste was so strong you could hardly eat it and it was super dry. I really think it is just our Utah taste buds not agreeing with the southern food but at least we can say we tried.We did get to see a real life Piggly Wiggly. Yes, they do exist! As soon as the day started, it was over. It is amazing how fast the day flies when you are having so much fun. I really enjoyed visiting each of these towns, so much character and beauty and history. The sunset at the end of the day wasn't anything to complain about either.


  1. I love to see all of your fun adventures! Taking your car on a ferry? Wow, that is pretty cool! And, you look gorgeous in that picture with the 2 of you. Looks like it was a fun trip!

  2. Looks like a fun day trip. I'm glad you guys got to do that! And the ferry thing looks awesome...Don't forget to invite me to your blog!

  3. Rusty and I were in Georgia a week ago and I saw a Piggly Wiggly in his hometown. I wanted to ask if we could stop and take a picture of it, but I was too embarrassed--so it cracked me up to come home and see a picture of one on your blog! :)