April 26, 2010

Weekend Meanderings

*Got a hair cut

*Played video games

*Watched a movie with Dustin

*Went to Dustin's favorite bookstore

*Watched a horse show at the fair grounds

*Ate lunch at Noodles & Co. with my hubby

*Drove to Hillsborough - cute, charming, small town.

*Scored some fantastic sock yarn at Hillsborough Yarn Shop.

*Spent the night watching after a church member who is in a wheelchair and needs assistance while his wife is away.

*Dyed my own yarn - more about this later on, but it was so much fun!

*Went to dinner at a friends house.

That was our weekend. Kind of relaxing mixed with a little exploring, and lots of time together. Perfect!


  1. You two are a great example - I think we need to meander a little bit :)


  2. Fun! Glad you guys are enjoying it out there! I am loving all the pictures of your trips!

  3. I'm getting tired just reading about that day.