June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Dustin!

Technically, his birthday was yesterday, but since we spent the whole day partying -and not at the computer- a day late post will have to do.Happy Birthday to my handsome guy! We celebrated by eating at our favorite restaurant and taking a mini-adventure to the Carowinds Theme Park in Charlotte - where we quickly realized that our 28 year old bodies don't recover as quickly as they did when we were 18. Oh well, we still had a blast! That roller coaster in the background - Yep, we totally rode that! It is called the Intimidator and it is the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in the southeast! But our favorite ride of the day was the Afterburn Roller Coaster - an inverted steel coaster with floorless cars suspended below the track that takes you on six inversions including a space drop, a vertical loop, an immelman, a batwing, a flat spin and finally into a spiral. Totally intense!
Picture of the Afterburn Roller Coaster - via Carowinds.

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  1. THAT coaster looks fun! I love your description.