June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Adventures!

We decided we'd visit the Zoo on Memorial Day since practically everyone in NC heads to the beach. We (um...by that I mean Cami) are not much of crowd people, so we figured the Zoo would be a great escape from the crowed beaches. Oops, most other people had the same idea and the zoo was packed!It stared out as a really hot, humid day but most of the animals were out and roaming so we were lucky to see most of them... like the gorillas, giraffes, and elephants - my favorites!That was until we hit the half way mark through the zoo. Seriously, at the half way mark, there is nothing! No shelter, no buildings, no coverings of any kind. Which causes a problem when it starts to POUR rain! Seriously POURING!!! We made it to the desert exhibit and stayed in there for a while waiting for the rain to pass. After about a half hour, it was still raining and there was no sign of it letting up. So Dustin ran to the nearest gift shop to purchase ponchos - which were sold out - and came back with a plastic bag to put my camera in. We ended up braving the rain and finished walking/running the zoo in the rain!
By the time we made it to the car, we were soaked head to toe! Seriously, we could ring water out of our clothes! Luckily, Dustin had a couple pairs of pants in the car, so we were able to at least put on dry pants for the 2 hour ride home and used the blanket we had in the car to dry off.

Definitely - this is a maximum adventure we will not forget!

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  1. Sounds like fun! At least it wasn't boring, right? ;) And I'm totally with you, I hate crowds while Jeff loves to be around people - the more the better (crazy guy)!