July 26, 2010

Greensboro, NC - Mini Day Trip

*Have you ever started a post and then never finished it? Well, I just realized that I had started to post about a trip we took to Greensboro back in, um, February, and never actually got around to posting it. So, it might be late, but better late than never, right?*

Dustin had a day off, so I took one off too so that we could have a mini-adventure and go exploring. We decided to go to Greensboro, about an hour from us. We have visiting Greensboro before and really liked it. Last time we didn't quite make it to the Old Mill of Guilford, so I wanted to go back and see what it was all about. Quite honestly, I was disappointed during our visit. The mill was not operating at the time we went. It was freezing that day and they had the doors wide open. We did purchase some of their scone mix to test it out, so I guess the jury is still out on this one."Mill of Guilford was founded in North Carolina on Beaver Creek in 1767 to grind grain for the early settlers of what is now Guilford County. Today, the mill continues to produce all-natural, stone-ground, whole grain foods, just as it has for over 250 years. The mill produces all natural corn meals and grits along with a wide range of mixes including: sweet potato and oat bran muffin mixes, gingerbread, Scottish scones, Scottish shortbread, and cookie mix (a German shortbread)." - taken from the Mill of Guilford website.

Next we headed over to the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. Since we went during the middle of the week, it wasn't crowded at all. Plus it was pretty cold. They have a small area for animals, almost like a mini-zoo. It was actually quite sad. Most of the pets had areas to live in that were way too small and not well kept at all. Lots of trash and such in them. It was quite sad to see. They did have two large tigers, that were beautiful, that had a decent sized area but it was so muddy and there was no grass for them to lounge around on.
The NSC of Greensboro also has lots of learning areas inside. There was even a maze set up. Of course we had to try it. Made us feel like kids again - it was all dinosaurs. It was a little too easy but I'm sure a four year old would love it!
Dustin's favorite part was the reptile room. Lots and lots of snakes. I hated it! It was so dark, except for the lights on in the cages and it was kinda spooky to be in there with all of them. So I wandered off to hang out with the giant turtles. Overall, it wasn't the day we thought it would be. It was nice to get to spend a whole day together with no agenda. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

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