September 9, 2010

Random Signs

A few random signs from our daily life.

#1 - Speed Limit 7 1/2: Honestly, I never knew my car could do 1/2 mph. Do you think you get a ticket for going 8 mph? We don't know.#2 - We Love Angry People: Seriously. This is a real sign. An advertisement for a church. Seriously. Do you want to attend a church full of 'angry people'? I think I'd rather not. #3 - Lost Temporary Tags: So remember back when we first bought our car, and we were living in the ghetto, and our temporary tags got stolen, twice!? Well, apparently, all you have to do is take some cardboard, duct tape, and write a short note saying you lost them, with your best guess as to the date they should expire, and you are good to go. I guess that could work. #4 - Don't Push the Floors: Um, okay. #5 -"Your Spoiler Revs my Engine." : This one just made me laugh. #6 - Checks Excepted Upon Approval: Do you think they will accept my check, or should they make an exception for me? Maybe, they should find someone different to print their signs for them.Life is funny!


  1. Haha! Yep those are great! I especially liked the 7 1/2 and the cardboard license plate!

  2. The signs are fantastic - so funny!