December 4, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping

For the first time in our five year marriage, we finally got a "real" Christmas tree. We've always had the artificial one... and it was always kinda sorry looking and really small. So last year we got rid of it... and celebrated this year by purchasing a real tree.

I love it! Our house smells fantastic! The kitties were really interested in it at first, but now they seem to be okay with it (keep your fingers crossed that it remains that way).The best part... it was snowing when we went to pick it out! Yep, SNOW! During the first week of December! It will most likely be all gone by tomorrow, but as of now, it is still coming down. It feels like Christmas here in NC for sure!


  1. Ooh fun! I love real Christmas trees! And I love that it was snowing...perfect to kick off the christmas season. Before it stops and never snows again. Love you guys!

  2. So fun! Real Christmas trees are amazing! I can't wait for that day that we get one... :). I guess we'll stick to the fake ones for now.

  3. pretty amazing to be shopping for Christmas trees in the SNOW in Raleigh! I'll be waiting for part II, can't wait to see the finished product.