January 3, 2011

Little Notes

Dear Wealthy Family and Friends,

For all of you wealthy ones out there with a little extra cash in your pockets even after the holiday season, if you were wondering "What on earth would Cami like for her upcoming birthday?"  Well, let me tell you. 

This beautiful butterfly pin.  Honestly, the picture does not do it justice, this must be witnessed first hand it is so amazing. It is small, delicate, very detailed, and oh so perfect.  The only downside is the price tag. I'd still really like to own this one day.  Just in case you were really struggling for birthday idea for me ;-), now you have one.  Or, really a nice phone call would make me just as happy.


  1. Well, it nothing else you got a nice picture of it. I have seen it in person and yes, it is covetable for sure.

  2. It is beautiful! Where have you seen it in person? I meant to send you guys a Christmas card, but I don't have your address and by the time I thought about it again, it was too late. Yes, I'm lame. Can you e-mail me it? I really thought I had it at some point!