April 27, 2011

New York City - Day 3

By the time day three rolled around, we were getting exhausted from lack of sleep at the hotel, and from all that walking. We decided to stick close to our hotel, but didn't cut out most of the walking. In fact it was probably our biggest walking day, in terms of distance that is. Not our brightest idea. Although, this was probably one of my favorite days of the trip.

The Apple store. One of the top rated architectural buildings to see.
Short break for some chocolate croissants.
Random Taxi

Most of the day was spent walking around Soho and Greenwich Village. We saw tons of amazing buildings, ate some great food, including pastries at Rocco's and had lunch at an adorable cafe.  It was almost (almost but not quite) enough to make me want to move there.
Next we toured the Highline Park. This amazing park is most often overlooked because of the popularity of Central Park. But if you ever visit NY, I'd definitely suggest going here. It was so fun to walk the line where the old train had been, and some of the views were amazing.  There was even a random resting spot where you could sit above the traffic and watch them like it was an animal in a zoo (like you were on an overpass).
Highline Park resting spot where we watched traffic like animals in the zoo.
You'd think we'd be exhausted now, and we were, but we kept going. Next stop... the LDS Manhattan temple.  As we were taking photos, some random lady offered to take our photo of both of us.  Which was nice of her, but not really what we were looking for, since we wanted the temple in the background. Oh well, still a handsome couple to look at.
Manhattan Temple.

We continued on our journey to see some of the highly ranked architectural buildings in the city and somehow ended up near a yarn store!  SCORE~!  Of course we went in. I scored some amazing Malabrigo sock and somehow this small purchase gave me a second wind. Well, almost.

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