April 30, 2011

New York City - Day 5

Our last and final day in New York. Are you sick of New York posts yet? We packed up and left our stuff at the hotel and headed out to explore the city once more before our late night flight. Mostly it was another day full of walking and walking some more. We did find the largest build-a-bear workshop in the world. We've made it a tradition to get a build-a-bear when we take vacations (if available) so we stopped in to get a New York Bear.  Isn't she a doll!
We also had time to visit FAO Schwarz - you know, the toy store in New York that has the piano from the movie Big (with Tom Hanks).  Dustin kicked off his shoes right away and got to playing. 
Our last and final stop before heading out to the airport was Flushing Meadows. The subway ride there seemed to take forever. This is where they have the US Open.  Obviously, we were a little early.  Like several months early, but maybe one day we will get to go to the Open.  We took lots of  'tourist' pictures and then, just like that our trip to the big city was over.

It was so worth it! Best spur-of-the-moment vacation we have ever taken. 

Oh, and just in case you didn't believe me about our noisy hotel. Here's a video to prove it. 

*** Next up , a post about our thanksgiving adventures because I know you all were wondering.  It was only 6 months ago. ***

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  1. HOW FUN! I love spur of the moment vacations. Looks like you guys had a blast! Makes me want to go back!!