October 2, 2011


So on Thursday, a few guys came by the office and marked this tree in our parking lot with a big orange X.  It was looking a little tipsy, probably from all the wind and rain we've had lately, so they decided to cut it down before it fell down. 

Well, I guess that tree figured it would rather fall down than be cut down. I few hours after getting the dreaded "X" mark, this tree decided it would rather go out swinging than be cut down. 

The results.  
Seriously, I can't believe it was as big as it was because of how close to the building it was.  No room for growth at all.
Pine cones everywhere.

 Luckily, I didn't drive that day. 

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  1. Whoa! That"s crazy! Good thing you didn't drive. And i love your short hair from the post below!