November 10, 2011

Cancel Your Lunch Plans

Just as I was about to crack open the lunchbox when Dustin called and said a new food truck was at his office that we needed to try it... so cancel all other lunch plans and come down.  How could I say no to that?  I couldn't.... Food truck food!

This was my first food truck experience and it definitely did not disappoint.  We recently watched the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network and ever since I've been dying to eat at a food truck.  Dustin is lucky because they have different food trucks come every day at his office - although he doesn't ever eat at them. 

We did have to wait in a crazy long line to get our food (this was a first time for the Hibachi Xpress so everyone came out to try it) but it was worth it.

Good food. Handsome lunch date.  What is better than that?

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