February 21, 2012

Life as of Late via Instagram

1 - Three Yahtzee in a row, all out of #6.  Unfortunately, it was not my lucky day.
2 - Chef Dustin with his version of Noodles and Co.'s Penne Rosa.
3 - Mint M&M's.  Found at a gas station. Consumed within the hour.
4 - Papa Murphy's in Raleigh!  Score!
 5 - The girls. 
6 - Spring blooms in early February.
7 - Nap time
8 - First snow, and most likely only snow, of the season.  Just a skiff. 


  1. I like these Instagram posts! It's fun to see your pictures. Looks like you have fun on the weekends!

  2. Love instagram! Thanks for all the cute little peeks into life in Raleigh :) Miss you all~ can't wait until June!