May 24, 2012

Catnip Mouse

A while back, as we were searching the shelves in our favorite used book store, I found a gem that I snagged up quickly:  Knitted Toy Tales, by Laura Long. Of course, all of the patterns in this book are adorable, but one of the main reasons I purchased it was for the knitted mouse pattern. 

The kitties at my house devour hand knitted toys.  Especially the ones filled with lots and lots of catnip. So when I had some free time last week, I made them a new toy.  This one is especially made with love since I took the time to attach the ears and actually make a face for this little guy.  Plus, the yarn was hand dyed by me!  Okay, so I didn't dye it on the same day, it was left over from a previous project.
Overall, it was a huge hit! Both of the cats really loved it and played with it for hours.  See Lexus' reaction here.  She loves it!  Don't even try to take it from her.

See more details on my Ravelry Project Page

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