June 1, 2012

The Box

Such a silly girl!  She has such a love for cardboard boxes.  When this one arrived (via Amazon order) she quickly claimed it as her own.  That was over a month ago!  It has become her go-to spot for afternoon naps. We even left the packing material in it (like tissue paper filler) because she loves to play with it and tear at it. 

Last night, the box finally caved in and gave up the fight.  Three sides of it tore straight down.  But of course, she then continued to play in it and hide in the packing material.  I thought we could finally get rid of the box that is just laying around, but she spent all night and all morning playing in it.  Almost as if she loves it even more than before!  I'm afraid if I throw it out, she will never forgive me.
It might be time to place another Amazon order!

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