June 22, 2012


I've always wanted to see Wicked on Broadway, and in fact we took a trip to New York with high hopes of winning the lottery tickets to see it preformed on Broadway.  We, of course, were not so lucky and didn't end up seeing it in NY.  So when I saw that it would be coming to the local preforming arts center, I snagged a few tickets for D and I.

Since it was such a special occasion, we decided to make it a very memorable date.  We started off by trying out a new restaurant, which turned out to be not so good, even though it looked tasty.   Since we actually left hungry, we stopped at the restaurant next door.  When we noticed a huge plat of french toast being served to the table next to us, we ordered a plate of our own.  I must admit, it was the worst french toast I've ever eaten.  Ugh!  We didn't even eat more than one bite. 

At this point, luck is clearly not on our side.  So we headed to the play instead.  It was great.  Probably not as good as seeing it on Broadway, but still worth seeing. 
After the show (mind you, at this point we are starving) we stopped at the nearest restaurant to hopefully get a good meal.  WRONG!  Seriously, how many tries does it take to get a decent plate of food. It shouldn't be this hard.  Again, the food was terrible and the service was horrible. 

So we drove home and ordered some Pizza Hut.  Finally a winner! 

Nothing went as planned.  It definitely made the list of "remember that one time" stories (we have quite a few of these) but it was memorable which was what we wanted. 

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