July 3, 2012

Emerald Isle Beach Day

Beach Day!!!

This past weekend, it was super hot here... like 107 degrees plus humidity!  Yikes! So we decided to beat the heat and head to the beach.  We dragged along some friends which made it the best day!

We went to Emerald Isle, which was beautiful!  It was my first time visiting this beach, but D. has been there before.  The waves were crashing and were definitely a lot bigger than the ones we are used to. So we spent lots of time playing in them. 

I, of course, spent lots of time trying to get out of the sun so that I didn't get a sunburn.  Didn't work.  After applying sunscreen three times, wearing my sunhat, and spending time in our shade tent, I still came home red as a tomato. I guess that is price you pay for an amazing adventure!

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  1. OoOoooo! The swimsuit and the hat are just lovely :) So very cute!