September 17, 2012

Carolina Ballet

I was able to attended the Carolina Ballet  showing of "Evening of Robert Weiss" thanks to a friend who hooked me up with sweet tickets!  Seriously, 4th row - front and center! Doesn't get much better! The performance was stunning and absolutely beautiful!  I loved every minute of it. 
Warming up before the show.

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  1. Cami, how the heck are you? I'm back into the blogging world. Well I'm trying to anyways and just now noticed you switched blogs. I first thought your change was going to switch to none at all. My heart sank. How else would I be able to see those cute projects you are working on and all the fun dates you go on?

    Anyhow that green and brown hat you did is super cute. Also was that 7 mile run around the lake you took us to? Gosh time flies...

    Thinking of you!