September 14, 2012

From Norway with Love

 Yes, this post is way long overdue.  I actually finished this hat back in December of 2011.  I know, way long overdue. 
I got a request from one of my cousins asking if I could make her a knitted hat.  Sure! I sent some options and after a few trail and errors with other patterns, I finally decided on the From Norway with Love Hat.  I have wanted to knit this hat for some time, but never really had a good excuse.  This is a very easy pattern, great for doing some fair isle work (which I become more fond of every time I work in Fair Isle), but a little tricky with the amount of stitches for which you have to carry the yarn in the back.   Overall, I'd knit this pattern again. 
The request was for a hat that was brown and green in color.  Of course, I immediate went to the Cocos colorway in Malabrigo Rios.  I love love love Rios!  Probably one of, if not my absolute, favorite yarns to work with.  It is so soft, squishy and really warm.  The green/blue is actually a superwash merino which I had dyed trying out a kettle dying technique.  It is more of a teal green than it appears in these photos. I really love the subtle changes in the color.  
The hat was slightly on the large size for me, but according to the measurements I was given, it should fit perfectly.  In the end, it made it's way to a new home last winter.  I hope she really enjoys it and is able to get lots of use out of it.
Ravelry Project Page
Date Started - 12/10/11
Date Finished - 12/20/11

Yarn - Malabrigo Rios in Coco (Brown) and Hand-dyed Superwash Merino in Spruce (by me).
Needles - US 7 (brim) and US 8 (body)
Pattern - From Norway with Love by  Anna & Heidi Pickles
Modifications - Knit brim for 2”. K10, M1 around (total 110 sts). She didn't want so much of a slouchy hat so I only did four repeats of the chart then began the decreases. If I was to make this again in the same beanie type hat without slouch, I might only do three repeats of the chart  so there would be less of a scrunched look on the decrease rounds.

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  1. OooOoo! So gorgeous . . . yep, you always amaze with your incredible talents :)