February 27, 2013

Rainbow Snail Hat

More Christmas hats... Are you bored of them yet? Anyone?

The little girl who started this whole crazy idea of "7 hats for Christmas in a month's time" was the recipient of this colorful hat.  My adorable niece called up one day in November and sweetly asked if I could make her a new hat?  Um... YES!!! and double yes!!!  Honestly, I could never say no to this girl and I was on cloud 9 that she wanted me to knit something special for her.  She wanted something pink, but agreed that a rainbow colored hat would be okay.   Thank goodness, because Knit Picks Chroma yarn was perfect for this pattern.
It took me a few weeks to knit this, but only because I was limited on time (that should have been a red flag hint that I really didn't have enough time for my ambitious goal of 7 hats before Christmas - I somehow managed to ignore it). It is really a quick knit and quite easy. The hardest part... trying to knit this from a pattern that is written in Japanese. Luckily, the pattern is charted, and there have been several other knitters on Ravelry that posted helpful hints. I wasn't sure if this would end up fitting at all, but I did my best guess.  I cast on 65 stitches (provisional CO), and knitted the pattern for 13 rounds.  Then I grafted the ends together, and closed one end of the tube shut to form the hat. The end result is a slightly slouchy, hipster hat -- a really colorful, slouchy hat for a really cute little girl.  And it fits!

I think it is adorable, but the best part is that she does too. She loves it and actually wears it.  Couldn't ask for more than that!

Ravelry Project Page
Yarn - Chroma Worsted in Lollipop
Pattern-  Cute Snail Hat by Omura (pattern in Japanese, but charted)
Needles - US 8, Straights
Date Started - November 5, 2012
Date Finished - November 17, 2012
Mods/Comments - I cast on 65 sts with a provisional cast on and continued in the pattern of knitting for 13 rounds. Grafted the ends together and closed the tube at one end.   Finished hat fits my niece who is 6.