April 25, 2013

Life via Instagram - Mini Vacation

A few shots via Instagram from our mini-vacation to Asheville.

1- Azteca Restaurant for lunch - so delicious!
2 - Chimney Rock hiking
3- Bookstore browsing.
4 - As viewed in the bookstore
5- Yarn Paradise selection.  I scored something amazing!
7 - Graveyard Fields waterfalls... and my superman.
9 - Overlook of Buck Springs Gap at Mt. Pisgah
10 - Squishy face at the waterfalls
11 - Looking Glass Falls - amazing!
12- A great purchase at Yarn Paradise.


  1. Love the photos - so cute! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Hi Cami! How funny... You were just in my dream last night. No idea why. :) I love these pictures and all the fun adventures that you two go on. Hope you're doing well!